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this is what i just picked up from the grocery store. it cost $32. Thirty. two. dollars. for 1 pineapple, 2 bags of grapes, a small container of raspberries, 1 soft drink and 2/$1 nuts…. 

do you know how much junk food i could have for $32? do you have any clue how much McDonald’s you can get for $32?

stop shaming fat people poorer than you or people poorer than you in general for not eating healthier. stop lying about how cheap it is or how it’s comparable to fast food. just stop.


Watching Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter videos is fun at first until it’s a game of “What haven’t I watched yet”.




9 hours of studying and I can’t remember my own name but I can remember how to kill a man using a toothbrush so there’s that

the hell kind of classes are you taking?

I’m a forensic criminologist our slogan is “can’t run fast enough to be a serial killer so I’ll just help the police catch them”


today is the day of uncompromising truths I can write only in the context of stupid stick person


my ascent into adulthood



this is an appreciation post for anyone who has ever tolerated me

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That feeling when your crush turns out to be mutual.


Oh my god, you are the best girlfriend ever. You are literally the best and I am so happy. ahhhhh < 33

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Chris Evans in the headlines

Are you fucking kidding me
—anytime I see any picture of Chris Evans (via fuckoffchrisevans)

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I think this is witchcraft in a nutshell.

The placebo effect at its finest

by Angel-bringer

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Anatomy off a Fall Out Boy song

- whoaa ohhhhhh ohhh whoaa
- metaphors
- Patrick making no sense
- Pete reciting poetry or something
- more metaphors
- the name of an American city
- really nice high note
- the lyric of another song they wrote
- Brendon Urie cameo

I was like “wow I’m listening to that song” before I realized it wasn’t referring to any specific one.